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About Fabien Delorme

Fabien has been a speaker for several years. He's a radio host, a storyeller, an actor. He teaches improv to teenagers. He is also a college teacher and works in a scientific research lab.

As an introvert, he had a hard time speaking in public at first. Yet he discovered storytelling, improvisation, and a ton of other tips. Now he wants to teach other introverts how to fight their own fear of public speaking.

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The Introverted Speaker's blog is up and running!

In this blog, we provide tips and techniques specifically dedicated to introverts who want to deliver great speeches and presentations.

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What Is The Curse of Expertise And How To Escape It?

Preparation is key. No matter what kind of presenter you are, no matter how much experienced you are, no matter how much you master your topic, the more you prepare, the better your speech or presentation will be. And yet, sometimes, you spent a lot of time preparing, you worked a lot on your content, about something you have a lot of expertise in, and when you present… It flops.

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Why Introverts Can Be the Best Public Speakers

Introverts, by definition, are quiet, reserved people that don’t like to be the center of attention. They don’t talk a lot; quite the opposite, in fact. They don’t like crowds, and prefer being alone, or with a small number of close friends. It’s not they are shy. They just tend to be drained by too much social interaction. Extraverted people, on the other hand, tend to be more comfortable with tons of people.

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