Coming Soon: A Podcast About Public Speaking And Introversion

Let’s talk about my voice today.

As you may already know, I’m a radio host. I have my own chronicles on a local radio, here in France. I’m speaking about storytelling and about crime novels.

Yeah, I love talking on the radio. But my twice-a-month chronicle is not enough for me.

So I decided to launch The Introverted Speaker Show.

It will be dedicated to my favorite themes, some of which you already know:

  • Introversion of course, and how to get the best from your personality traits (rather than trying to become extroverted as everyone else tries to),

  • How to become more productive and make a better use of your time,

  • How to become more confident, either on stage or in everyday’s life,

  • How improvisation can help you adapt to unexpected events,

  • How to behave on stage so as to convince, persuade and mesmerize audiences,

  • How to master the art of storytelling.

And many other things.

And, best of all: it will be free!

It will start very soon, so stay tuned, and you’ll have the rare privilege to hear my delicious French accent.

Now, of course, if you already bought the Crash Course on Public Speaking which is an audio course on public speaking dedicated to introverted people, you already had the joy to hear me.

If you don’t want to miss the launching phase, you can register to my mailing list using the form at the end of the page. You will also receive daily tips straight to your email, and the e-book “5 Counter-Intuitive Speaking Tips For Introverts”.