Announcing The Introverted Speaker's Crash Course On Public Speaking

I just launched an audio course: The Introverted Speaker’s crash course on public speaking.

This course is dedicated to introverted people. It will help you start a talk, getting you from zero to a structured speech, presentation, lecture or seminar. It does not deal with delivery, i.e with how to behave on stage or things like that, but will help you with how to get the most out of your preparation phase.

It will help you get more for less work.

The idea is to work smarter, not harder.

I talked about how to fight procrastination in a previous blog post. Well, this course is dedicated to all introverts who want to become better at public speaking, but especially to those who suffer from procrastination, as it contains techniques to get started as fast as possible. You will still be required to do your work, of course, but it will help you take baby steps and make the task way less overwhelming.

This is a 45 minutes audio course, and it comes with full PDF transcripts.

If you have any question about this course, feel free to contact me.

Click the following link to learn more about The Introverted Speaker’s crash course on public speaking.